Where you buy is as important as what you buy

Where you buy is as important as what you buy

If you scan the headlines, you will quickly see that hoverboards are the rage this year as holiday gifts. However, with their popularity sky-rocketing, knowing what you are buying is important. In some cases, knock-off products have even caught fire. HoverBoardsforLess.com offers real, authentic products that come with a warranty and assurances that you are buying the real products. Buying online is fine just be sure you are dealing with a real business that is buying the real products. Our sister company, Texas Segways, gets their products direct from the manufacturers.

In The News

Faulty hoverboards could catch fire

Police warn knock-off hoverboards could explode

 Don’t be fooled by knockoffs! Not everything on Amazon is authentic. Buy from a reputable dealer whenever you can. Come on by our Beford, Texas location or give us a call to get AUTHENTIC products!

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