Hoverboard Videos

We often are asked the same questions so we thought we would start a video section where we answer them AND show you all the new models of hoverboards we have, along with lots of info about each one. Check back often, we make lots of videos!! You can also visit our YouTube Channel for more videos!

Safety & Training

SAFETY: Addressing Fires in Hoverboards

SAFETY: Charging Your Battey)

Model Overviews & Comparisons

COMPARISON: Gen 1 & Gen 2 Hoverboard

OVERVIEW: Gen 1 Hoverboard

OVERVIEW: 10″ Wheel Hoverboard

OVERVIEW: Bluetooth Hoverboard Demo

OVERVIEW: Bluetooth Hoverboard Sound

OVERVIEW: Gen 2 Hoverboard Silver

TEST RIDE: 10-inch Wheels Outside

OVERVIEW: 10-inch Hills & Terrain

QUESTIONS: 10-inch Q&A Session